Path to Thriving

Path to Thriving is my first course. It's a series of videos - cooking, shopping and coaching that includes printable notes and recipes. It is the foundation for your new journey because if the foundations aren't solid, we can't build a strong structure. 

This course is everything you need to start your life of thriving.

If you're a visual learner like me - this video series will change your life. I cook with you and begin to teach you about flavour. I'll coach you on how to eat or 'swap or drop' - sugar, oils, dairy, wheat, bread, salt and meat and empower you to make the change from eating 90% of supermarket foods - packets, sauces and frozen goods, yet still purchasing most of your weekly shop from the supermarket. 

I'll teach you and empower you to feed your body for energy, clarity, vitality, strong immunity and glowing skin with delicious foods and simple daily protocols. 

It's yours to keep. You can re-watch and keep learning until you're in the thriving food groove and whenever you need a reset, just switch me on.

This is your day of change my friend.

Plan & Prosper

Welcome to my 2nd Course Gorgeous.

I'm so glad you're following me on this journey. The foundation has been laid with Path to Thriving and you're ready for more. 

This course is about streamlining your journey. I've done the planning so you can shift gears to prosper and thrive.

One month of menu plans and joy in the kitchen. Follow the step by step prep guidelines that I've laid out and you'll find your food groove easy. Plus I've included lots of practical organisational tips that will simplify the journey.

In Path to Thriving, 'Let's Go Shopping' video, I showed you my pantry and fridge. What sauces or oils are ok? There's 5 different brands of olives - how do I know which one is clean or what bread is ok to eat? You now understand how to shop for a healthy body.

This course, Plan & Prosper - I've given you a beautifully designed pantry and fridge checklist for your comprehensive guide to supermarket and health food shopping. Use it as a weekly checklist or to re-work your pantry so it's thriving. The smoothie video and recipe from Path to Thriving, I've now designed for your fridge as a nutrient bullet reminder. 

The course is yours to keep so you can repeat the month of prep and delicious cooking because the more we do something the easier it becomes. It's the way our brain works. 

My heart for you is delicious food and a thriving body.