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    Be Free - Gut Repair Protocol Manual

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    • Be Free - Gut Repair Protocol Manual

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    Be Free Recipes

    • Be Free Recipes

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    Welcome Video

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    Food Folder Video

    • Food Folder

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    Shopping List

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    Making of Bone Broth Video

    • Making Bone Broth

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    Steamed Green Smoothie Video

    • Green Smoothie

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    Kitchen Utensil Video

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    Whole Food Prep Video

    • Soaking and Sprouting

Food is the most powerful medicine on the planet for your body. However, we've lost our way and the broken food system is wreaking havoc with our bodies. 

Be Free - Gut Repair Protocol is your guide to healing, building and restoring your body so you can live the life you are created for and enjoy the gift that food is.

This 6+ weeks is your path to freedom: 

Learning Guide

6 Week Food Healing Plan with 69 Recipes

Daily Repair Protocol

Daily Kitchen Organisation Plan

Full Shopping List

Kitchen Utensils You'll Need

Videos with Me in the Kitchen

Bonus Protocol - Reintroduction of Trigger Foods 

Basic Supplement Suggestions

Closed Facebook Support Page - live fortnightly chats with me & my team of experts (coming in Jan 2022)


I always have two things on my mind for you Gorgeous: thriving health & delicious food.

Lots of love